Monday, June 3, 2019


This is not a challenge...this is:

...A decision to monitor and control the food that goes inside your body.

Despite all my life searching for the perfect things to eat for performance optimization, which agrees with my body, which agrees with my budget, which agrees with my family, which agrees with my values which is delicious...I’m still searching!
All I can say is that for this month, this is what I am eating.  This is the “decision” I’ve made; feel free to follow along!  The more support I have around me, the less “will power" I will need.

When it comes to “controlling what we eat”…we will need self-discipline to resist the attachments we’ve formed to certain types of food or eating habits.

It’s never easy to deviate from what our subconscious wants or to go against what is convenient or accepted by others.

In order to be successful it will require the following:

Commitment:Commit to a regiment.
Planning:Think ahead of what you might want to eat.  Look up recipes, get ingredient you need, make a list.  Get the groceries, cook and prep, use Tupperware, freeze some food for convenience.  Don’t forget to have healthy snacks on hand!
Removing temptation: take the food that you will not be eating, this month, out of your house or at least out of easy access.
Buy-in:Have a serious conversation with those closest to you.  Tell them that you have embarked on a 1 month “challenge…err um…”Decision” to take control of the food you eat.  You are not suggesting that other ways of eating are bad, but just that they are simply not on the menu for you this month…ask for their support and encouragement (whether they understand or not) for you to succeed on your mission.

What I am eating this month:

Legumes: Chick peas, lentils, beans
Starch: sweet potato, yams
Whole grains:
Brown rice, quinoa, granola

Honey, Dates, Maple Syrup, agave syrup
Fruit: Berries, Bananas, Orange, apple, pear, etc.

Avocado, nuts, coconut oil
Fish and Chicken: only on Weekends

Supplements: I am investing in some plant based supplements to support training.

Plant based Protein
All greens

Training Activities And Targets:
Instead of making a strict schedule, I have a goal to fit in different types of activities for a certain amount of times in the week…then I can see how I feel and choose one that works best for my body and schedule any given day.  Certain parts of my body are often sore or injured and I’ll need to work around stuff.  Not only that, but having two kids and 3 businesses to run often throws curve balls!   If I feel good one day I will train 2x…then I can take a rest day here and there.

My Weekly Training Targets For June:
Meditation/Stretch every morning.
BJJ 2x per week
Wrestling 1x
Kickboxing Bag work x1
Kickboxing Sparring X1
Rings and Kettle bell x1
Running x1
Stairs x1
Deadlifting x1
Bonus: Mountain biking

Reading before bed x3 (mind training)

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